Nov 3, 2008

Moon Birthday Card

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Image: DedeAndro


  1. Hey, is it your birthday? If it is, then Happy Birthday to you! :o)

  2. @ Babette. No, my birthday is on September. Thanks anyway :)

  3. LOL I'm a September celebrant too. belated happy bday anyway.
    Btw, with regards to your Friendster post. I noticed that majority are Pinoys. Marami rin bang other nationalities?

  4. @ babette. Happy belated birthday to you too. Yes Babette, I want to make a friend all over the world L O L. I'm sorry, what's >> Marami rin bang other nationalities? :(

  5. Hey hey! I love birthdays! Who's having a birthday? :)

  6. @ LY. It wasn't my birthday. Babette and me have the same month in birthday celebration :D


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