Oct 12, 2008

Technorati Blog Top Tags Widget

Display your blog top tags with Technorati Blog Top Tags widget in a cloud formation (or the top tags of any blog). Copy their code, replacing {URL} with your blog URL. When you first install this widget on your blog, it will take them a few minutes to build a custom widget with your blog's top tags, but after that they'll keep it up to date.

You can find the code here.


  1. Nice article.... thank's for sharing
    Happy weekend for you

  2. I have always wondered who the cloud tag widget was from...Now I know:)

    Thanks D...have the best day ever:)

  3. @ Maos, Dorothy. Thanks for your feedback. Have a great week ahead for both of you :)

    @ Alfi. Ya, sama - sama. Lam kenal jua ya :)

  4. Have a great tip from you, my friend.
    Thanks for sharing...

    Cheers, Jakarta Spa

  5. @ Jakarta. You are welcome and thanks for your feedback :)


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