Oct 1, 2008

Entrecard Top Droppers September 2008

This lists the Entrecard users who dropped their card on DedeAndro the most in the last 30 days:

Online Games Online Games, game guides and walkthroughs

Great registry hacks Great Registry Hacks

Money Ning A personal finance blog where we share insights on carefully saving money, investing, early retirement, mortgages, stocks because the little things matter in achieving financial freedom!

my review 'my review' contents of News, review of technology, software and Education

Acakadut Blog about everything, scholarships, freeware download, jobs, movies, finance, parenting, health, tips & tricks, weird & crazy stuff, etc. U Drop I Drop! Drop Your Entrecard & Get Free Backlinks on My Website! http://www.acakadut.com/entrecard/

Happy Moments.. Happy Thoughts! Blog about family, health, fashion, funny pictures and video

Nuclear•Winter The view from my window.

Subjective Soup retired teacher, empty-nester, optimist, diarist

C'est La Vie This is my blog! It's the usually downright humorous chronicles of a single mother who's balancing parenting and being a full-time college student with aspirations to become a nurse.

Hong Kong, iPod and Joomla Blog about Expat living in Hong Kong, iPhone, iPod Touch and Joomla


  1. Hai friend, Your blog is very nice and you had good content! Never give up, increase your creativity to be a great blog and always get the best idea to make new content of post. I just want support......

    Hope u have a great day!

    From: Ousizch

  2. @ Ousizch. Hi friend. Thanks for visiting my blog & thanks for the support. I have just visited your blog and.. wow.. just great :). Love it :). Maybe i have to learn a lot from you friend. Thanks for sharing :)

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  4. Thanks for the link LOVE :)
    it is appreciated..
    You keep posting the interesting stuff and I will keep visiting and dropping.

  5. @ mad1421 & Great Registry Hacks. U're welcome friend. Thanks for your support :)


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