Oct 14, 2008

Technorati Link Count Widget

With Technorati Link Count Widget, you could displays the number of links to each of your posts in real-time (updated live for your visitors). It's a simple piece of code that lets you make your blog more dynamic.

Technorati tracks when other bloggers link to your blog and this widget makes it possible for you to display the number of links on every blog post. They call them "reactions" to encourage readers to follow the conversation. To add the widget, copy and paste the code into your blog's template. You'll be inserting this into your blog's HTML, not a post.

You may notice some fluctuation between the count on your page and what you see when you click through to see all the reactions. They're actively working on this.

You can find the widget here and how to add the Link Count Widget to your blog here.


  1. Thank you, I'm still trying to figure Technorati out.


  2. @ Bella Casa. You are welcome. I hope this article would figure out what Technorati is :).


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