Oct 4, 2008

SiteHoppin Free Traffic For Your Blog

SiteHoppin provides free advertising platform for bloggers owners through its credit system. You can earn SiteHoppin credits and use them to get free traffic to your blog.
- Everytime you hop to a new blog, (meaning you click that SiteHoppin button), you earn 1 credit.
- Everytime you rate a blog, (meaning you rate a blog with the SiteHoppin toolbar), you earn 5 credits.
- For every 10 credits you earn, you can use them for 1 hop to your blog. (meaning you will get 1 unique visitor to your blog).
For every unique visitor that clicks through the widget, these give you 50 credits.

Click here to go to SiteHoppin.


  1. @ Diachra. You are welcome Diachra :)

  2. Gosh D....always something new for us to make blogging more fun:)
    Thanks so much!


  3. I am now a site hopper .....many thanks D :)

  4. @ Dorothy. Glad to hear that from you D. We are blog hoppers addict :)

  5. selalu ada yang baru disini, aku kunjungi site hoppin segera, sukses

  6. @ Devi. Makasih Dev. D usahain update info terbaru semampu D. Thanks atas dukungannya :)


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