Oct 9, 2008

Technorati Blog Widget

Adding the Technorati blog widget is easy. Just choose the options you want and save when you're happy with the way it looks. Then, copy the widget code and paste it into your blog. You can change your display options any time, and your widget will automatically update with your latest settings.

Widget code must remain in your blog's template for the embedded widget to display.

You can find this Technorati widget here.


  1. Hey there D....
    You saw that eh!
    I had a hard time when I first started to leave you messages as I felt like I was talking to myself :)

    I am use to it now...I put a girly thing on each end of my ~D~...


  2. aq coba dulu teman Technorati itu amat penting untuk para blogger. apatah lagi yang mahu cepat naik PRnya

  3. @ Dorothy. Ha ha, yeah. From now, I'm gonna use D for DedeAndro and ~D~ for Dorothy. Nice idea, but remind me if I forgot :D.

    @ Pit. Thanks for the support :)

    @ Seri. Silakan dicoba teman. Good luck :)


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