Oct 23, 2008

FeedBurner RSS Feeds Media Distribution

FeedBurner is a provider of media distribution and audience engagement services for blogs and RSS feeds. Their Web-based tools help bloggers, podcasters and commercial publishers promote, deliver and profit from their content on the Web.

FeedBurner also offers feed and blog advertising network that brings together an unprecedented caliber of content aggregated from the world’s most recognized media companies (e.g. Wall Street Journal Online, Wired News, Ziff Davis), A-list bloggers and blog networks and individual publishers from around the world.

If you long for creative ways to attract an audience, see where your content goes once you publish it and generally add a lot more value to your feed, then "feedburning" is for you.

Watch a short movie about How to Burn a Feed (3:14, 4.6 MB, no audio)

Check out their services for Blogs, Podcasts, and Commercial Publications.


  1. i have been trying to use feedburner on my blog... but for some reason i can't make it work...


  2. @ XanFactor. What kind of trouble do you have?

  3. Feedburner is a great tool, I use it for email RSS subscriptions and regular RSS feeds as well. I also like the statistics it offers and the best part is, its free :)

  4. @ PCLicious Video Tutorials. I agree with you. I like their statistics & their widgets too. It can be customized. Just wait for my next articles about their widgets.


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