Oct 7, 2008

125Exchange Helps Your Blog Grow

If you have a 125 x 125 space on your blog, you can place 125Exchange widget to bring more value to your blog. 125Exchange bring in new visitors to your blog.

If your blog is the new blog, 125Exchange traffic can makes a difference. If your blog is well established, 125Exchange can help you attract new subscribers.

Here's how it works:
- Register for free
- Upload your 125 x 125 ad
- Put the code in your blog
- The system will randomly start showing your ads and other users ads.
If you promote 125Exchange on your blog and other blog owners join because of you, you get 10% of the traffic they get. So, start using and promoting 125Exchange, it is free.


  1. @ Dorothy. Thank you D, I'll contact you via email soon. Nice day D.

  2. nice info oom... nanti deh coba2 bikin ads nya..

  3. nice infomation, thanks for sharing

  4. @ Idot. Iya, di coba aja Om, sapa tau bisa naekin traffic. Lagi pula, semua yang di post di blog ini kebanyakan gratis kok :)

    @ Irian. You are welcome.


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