Sep 13, 2008

Wowzio Tag Cloud Widget

Wowzio Tag Cloud Widget helps bubble up the rich content that is deeply embedded in blog posts. When a user clicks on a tag, they will display the matching blog posts inside the tag cloud widget frame, and keeping user on the same page ( and in the same context ).

Wowzio extracts tags from your blog posts in the following way:
- If a blog post is tagged/categorized using the native tagging/category system of your blogging platform, these tags are extracted.
- If a blog post contains Technorati tags embedded in it, these tags are extracted.
- If a blog post does not contain native tags nor Technorati tags, Wowzio extracts tags using Yahoo Extraction API.
For each tag, they factor in its frequency and placement, and assign it a score accordingly. They order the tags by their score, and pick the top tags to display in the tag cloud widget.

They automatically pick up and extract new tags from your latest posts, and update the tag cloud within minutes.

The tag cloud widget will not take a long time to render on your blog. So when it comes to render the tag cloud widget on the blog, they return back in a very small amount of time.


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