Sep 10, 2008

Wowzio Panoramic Slideshow Widget

Wowzio Panoramic Slideshow widget automatically finds all the pictures on your blog and creates a beautiful slideshow from them for you. Each slideshow image links to its corresponding post.
- It will increase articles read per session by providing a new discovery mechanism to your readers.
- Increase distribution by allowing for easy syndication of your photos. Get visitors from other blogs!
Click here to grab this widget.


  1. Hey sweet D...Leaving you with a magical wish:)

  2. gw terjemahin artikelnya dolo sob....(inggris payah nih gw)

  3. @ Dorothy. That was a magic D :) thanks for the feedback.

    @ Able. Langsung pencet translate di menu atas sob, he he :)

    @ Kethes. Thanks Kethes.


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