Sep 15, 2008

Wowzio Live Activity Feed

Wowzio Live Activity Feed provides you and your users a live feed of the visits to your blog. Everytime a page that the widget is loads, they detect the user's location and the page they are coming from. This information is feed in real-time to every other widget open at that time, to give your visitors a rare insight into the vitality of your blog.

To use this widget, simply install it to any and every page whose activity you want included in the feed.

This widget displays a live stream of users who are on the blog, along with where on the blog they are, as well as their Geo info (city/state/country). It updates in real-time, so a visitor to the blog can see the activity taking place on the blog in real time. This gives users a live feel for the blog, as well as a good sense of the community that is currently interacting with the blog.


  1. Thanks for sharing friends
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  3. @ Free, Diachra. Yup, no problem. Sure, just put my link on your blog then add your link here: by yourself.


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