Sep 14, 2008

Wowzio Feed Widget

Wowzio Feed Widget is a syndication and content distribution mechanism. You can aggregate feeds from multiple sources (up to 15) into one widget. You can use it for cross-promotion of content, or syndication via 3rd party channels.

You can enter up to 15 feeds, by adding another feed link and it will open up a new text field where you can input an additional feed-url, in the Wowzio site.


  1. wow this is very cool... i like it. thanks for your information friends...

  2. @ Revarius. Yup, u're welcome friends. I like wowzio 2. Hope the article's useful :).

  3. hmm can you teach me how to use feeds as wowzio media??because i fail when i do that. btw ternyata anda orang indo juga ya... ya uda pake indo aja de. gmn si setting feeds di wowzio?? aq kok gagal ya???

  4. @ Revarius. As i know, all u've 2 do is just put their code in ur blog. That's it. Ga ada yg perlu di ubah kok.. Tadi abis dari TKP ( & keliatanya ga ada masalah sih.. Btw, nice blog :)


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