Sep 8, 2008

Yahoo Buzz Uncovers Blogs Content

Yahoo Buzz is an extension of Yahoo that uncovers the most remarkable and timely content from blogs across the Internet. They pull in the hottest stories and videos (and more) from a broad assortment of Blog publishers throughout the day, and they give you the chance to be an editor by voting (“buzzing”) content up and down (either on Yahoo Buzz, or on their publisher partner websites), and by submitting it to Buzz in the first place.

For each piece of content that you see on Yahoo Buzz, they develop a ranking. That content’s ranking is based on things like the number of votes it receives on Yahoo Buzz, the popularity of related search terms on Yahoo Search, and the number of times that content is shared with friends over email. Higher ranked stories are featured more prominently on the homepage of Buzz and within category pages.

The highest ranked Buzz content might be featured on the Yahoo homepage.

What are you waiting for? Start reading, watching, voting, and sharing today!


  1. Great summary for how Yahoo Buzz works -- I have not used it before and did not realize it also included Yahoo search information. Thanks!

    ~ ElizabethPW

  2. @ Elizabeth Potts Weinstein. Maybe u should try it & c what happen :)


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