Sep 1, 2008

Feedjit For Real Time Traffic Feeds

Feedjit live traffic feed shows statistics on your blog in real-time. It shows:
- Which city and country your visitors are in
- Which blog they arrived from, if any
- Which page they visited on your blog
- Which external link they clicked to leave your blog, if any.
Feedjit widgets are all free and you don't need to register to get them for your blog. Their widgets are also extremely lightweight and won't slow your blog down.

If you're a Blogger or Typepad user you can install any of their widgets with one click. If you use a different platform or if you're installing Feedjit in a blog, then simply cut and paste the script they provide into your blog template or HTML. Feedjit will appear in the position you paste the script.

Feedjit's mission is to provide high performance real-time widgets for the blogging community that are free and easy to use.


  1. thank's for visiting friend,i'm back again with smile :) n new article about j-rocks relationship with abbey road studio,leave ur comment ok

  2. Dropping in to wish you a fantastic day with tons of love :)

  3. @ Ibeqz, Dorothy. You are most welcome! You both are great. Thanks so much.

  4. @ Generation. Thanks for commenting!

  5. cool blog there..:) have a nice day.. giving u smile.

  6. @ D_mOniC. Thank you and the feedback as well :)

  7. @ Schizoshrink. Then I should thanks to you :)

  8. I don't take it for my blog it make a slowly loading...???

    Can we get to link exchange, friend...????

  9. @ Ammadis. Almost widget services require bandwidth to load. If you found it slowing down your page, you may remove it then. Sure, just put my link on your blog then put your link here:

    by yourself :)


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