Sep 22, 2008

Avenged Sevenfold Dear God Lyric


  1. i love this songs vewy-vewy much...
    make me feel blue>>i mean..not that "BLUE" hehe ;p
    i owez think bout someone that i really love..
    when i heard this songs...
    love him and miz him soooo much :D
    well...this song is the best song that i ever heard...
    ammmmmm... "im thinking bout you know" :)

  2. @ Mellie. I love it 2. I feel the same way. Thanks 4 ur support & miss u so much :)

  3. hai..i dont know about this song but the lyric attract me..base on the lyric i can feel this song is beautiful.. :) i wish i'll not losing people that i love but i know my wish is just a dream because God can 'take' them whenever God want.. :)

  4. @ Jnah. Yes, the song's beautiful. I wish u would not loose people that u love.


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