Jul 26, 2008

WhosAmungUs To Map Your Visitors

With WhosAmungUs Map, you get to see exactly where your site visitors are from. Their maps update themselves on your site without having to reload the whole page.

You can customize their configuration options, including backgrounds, pin shapes and color schemes.

Maps are also displayed on your widget's stats page. If you are already using their widget, there is no need to apply for the map service because it's already there.


  1. Pertamaaaxxxxx...
    Cool.. nice info dedeandro..

    I had a little trouble to post my comment here , but it is now okeyy... :D

  2. Btw.. it is now more widget here.. little take a long time to load ur whole page.. But.. ok lah...

  3. @ Idot. Thank for your support and the feedback. By the way, have you open your Yahoo mail in-box? I've sent you a message.

  4. ya, your article is very useful. i am able to see my traffic. nice article dede andro

  5. Hi! Earlier I've posted you a comment here but it doesn't appear, let's wait and see, maybe it will appear later. Strange! normally, after I posted it, I can see it out on your comments page. Anyway, have a great weekend, cheers!

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  7. @ Joe. Thanks so much Joe!

    @ Lily. Hi Lily, which comment? If your comment does not appear, you could try it later.

    @ One. Thanks for dropping yours!


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